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About GR General Renovation

Officially established and incorporated in 2017, by our CEO and President Spyros Pakos, we have 10 years of industry experience behind our name.

Initially entering the construction and home renovations industry in Athens, Greece, Mr. Pakos brought his passion and knowledge of the industry, along with him, to Toronto.

In his early years, Mr.Pakos' time was efficiently used to "master" the craft and become an expert in all aspects of home & commercial renovations.

In 2015 the vision was created for a brand.  Over the next 2 years, the vision was sculpted, goals were set, a small business was evolving and the foundation was laid.

In 2017, the Incorporation of GR General Renovation by Mr. Spyros Pakos, brought us to our current phase in our company's 3 year history.  Today we stand as a professional incorporation who tackles all projects, small to large-scale.  We evolved from a small business, to well-respected professionals in our community, and today are proud to call ourselves experts in the home-renovation field.

A spacious kitchen and dining table





Commercial Projects & Experience:


What helps GR General Renovation stand out as true professionals in the "renovations" field is our true expertise in both home & commercial projects.

Having worked on a variety of commercial property projects in the past, our portfolio includes restaurants, hotels, retail stores, company offices & more!

Our versatility in being able to take on, not only home projects, but also commercial projects has given us the experience in truly larger-scale projects.  These projects, when completed, are witnessed by thousands of individuals, and our craftsmanship is on display to the public.  This is something that has given us true pride in our work, as well as confidence behind our brand name!

Let us be a part of creating your dream home.

Tell us about your project today!

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